Saturday, April 4, 2009

Summertime in the Valley....already!

Wow. So it seems to be summertime here already. Yesterday was breezy and 86 degrees. The sun was shining and MY MAN was working on installing a pump for our newly drilled well...yee haw!!! Now I feel like a real Texan. I have my very own well with an electric pump and a genuine imitation antique hand pump that actually pumps water. Now if the electricity is off and I am craving a glass of H2O from the ground, all agricultural fertilizers and herbicides inside, I only need to walk out and pump. Of course, in theory, the well is only for "irrigation" because according to our county "laws" we cannot use any of our well water for "residential" usage . Not because of the possibility of fertilizer, herbicides or other contaminates, but because it is the "law" that you must use the water district water if you are within so many feet of a waterline. Now how is that for big brother telling you what to do? Chalk that right up with wearing your seat belt and trash pickup. Oh yes, The County mandates who picks up the trash...for the entire county. The County gets a contract with a company (not necessarily the lowest bid, although I don't understand that one). They kick out the other trash company for "substandard" service and install one that immediately raises the price and lowers the service. The other company actually did a bang-up job following Dolly, but did that get rewarded??? No, their contract was severed and the other big company took their sweet time delivering cans for the "new" customers. It really burns me that everything in this county is so controlled...if you are a citizen that is. Now if you are an illegal alien...and remember I live right next to can dump your trash anywhere you want...ditches, private property, lovely little parks, whatever....seems like the officials cannot catch you, but let anybody else throw out a gum wrapper and the cops are right there with their handy dandy little ticket pads. Just a thought, but since I've moved here I've noticed city and county officials getting handed indictments for just about everything. Could there be a little fraud in this here neck of the woods???? What do you think?


Debbie Y. said...

Don't even get me started on politics, local, state, or national level. I am so fed up with govermental legislation, rules and regulations, that are imposed by a few pompous asses for the masses, but get overlooked for some while others get the axe. Drink your water, we have a well also and it is mostly for irrigation but it is the best tasting water ever. Happy early summer weather.

Reddirt Woman said...

Do ya think? It's freakin' Texas!!! Dubya didn't get elected on his brains and you know about trickle down politics... Of course there fraud. Hell, there is fraud in every freakin' state of the union. It's just catching the 'good ole' boys' and prosecuting them instead of blackmailing them into getting your 'bubba' into the trash or any other contract.