Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Nurse

Hummmmmmmmm. Well we were all new once. I understand why we were told in Nursing School that "nurses eat their young", especially since I have been training a new grad. I have decided this little gal (well actually woman since she is over 40) must have never worked a day in her life. She has zero time management skills and cannot seem to remember from one day to the next how to even flush a saline lock. Now seems to me, that in order for the University to have awarded her a BS degree in nursing she must have exhibited some type of "smarts" along the way. You would think the NCLEX would be designed to weed out total dumb-asses...but apparently not, a few seem to sneak by. Now if I could just figure out how to get her to pull our the information she learned in school and apply it (as in critical thinking skills) to the actual situations maybe we could get a "Real Nurse" out of her. I wonder if my preceptors thought the same thoughts about me (look at that dumb ass!).

Well I can remember some of the "rookie" mistakes I made that made me look pretty ignorant. I remember when we were in a code and the doc wanted 20 mg of something and I misunderstood and ran to get a 20 ml syringe. Of course everybody looked at me like I had lost my mind...then after the code there was some snickering going on (not quite behind my back). Good thing my "friends" kept me in line...can you imagine something that was 20 mg per cc in a 20 ml syringe...well we sure wouldn't need to code them anymore that's for sure.

Ok, so I am praying for patience. I promise to be better. I promise..I promise.