Monday, March 16, 2009

I fell off the Face of the Earth...or something like that...

Ok Friends in the blogospere...if anybody has been wondering about ol' Gingerjar and what's she been up to, well I've been gone to Kentucky. My mom got sick and was hospitalized. She wasn't doing so good, so we flew there. Now, I haven't flown in almost 30 it was quite the treat for me. I was terrified. I made my hubby go with me...good thing...even with "Navigator" I get lost. Luckily I wasn't driving the plane, or I probably would have ended up in Africa or something.

My mom is doing better and is home now. I told her I wanted to see her while she was still alive, I just don't get the point of going there when she dies to watch my step-dad dump her ashes in the mule pastor (which is her plan by the way). The mule won't care and she won't know if I'm there or not. Since we made an unexpected trip, I jokingly ( or not) told Dave that was our summer cruise, the one we couldn't afford. He was quick to point out he got an all inclusive trip to a resort in Cancun for less than we paid for the plane tickets to Kentucky. What can I say??? Inflation!

We did get to see some interesting "art" that was displayed in the hospital. This glass "jar" was on lighted display with the Artist's name on a brass plate. Everybody that walked past it laughed....if I can figure out how to download the picture from my phone to the computer I will post looked like HUGE GLASS TESTICLES...MULTICOLORED AND TEXTURED JUST LIKE HAIR FOLICLES. I laughed so hard...every time...I *snort* walked *snort* past it! I actually had to rub them. Dave asked if that was like rubbing on Budda's was just like rubbing Budda Ball's! HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Kentuckians must have some strange idea's about art!