Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dancing Time in Texas

Tonight, we were gonna go to the Los Fresnos rodeo, however, after two days of rain, the mud deterred me. I don't do mud. Instead I opted for us to go to Wink's Grill and Bar w/attached arena. It is the coolest place. We took Angel to eat and stay (just until 9:30) for a little music. Inside it is very rustic. Rough cut cedar on the walls decorated with deer heads (yup a mans paradise I'm telling ya). It also has a full sized windmill turning by the dance floor. One edge of the dance floor has a mechanical bull with a blow up safety bumper. This place is HUGE! The stage has a full sized wagon on it, and tonight the drummer set his drums up on it. (We did leave before the live music because I was afraid it would get too rowdy for a 10 year old, even though lots of people were coming in with children...just doesn't seem right to have them out late with all the drinking stuff going on). The bathrooms are sooooo cool. The sinks are metal #3 washtubs and the sinks have actual old-time pumps that pump into a wooden bucket, then the water runs out the bottom where you wash your hands. The handles on the sinks are deer antlers. The rest of the bathroom is early sheet-metal decor, but thank-god for state-of-the-art tolits.

I spent a good bit of time teaching Angel to jitter-bug and two step. Then there was a party for a Quincentina (not sure if I spelled that right), which is a Hispanic traditional coming out party when a girl turns 15. The teenagers requested some line dancing and Angel was soooo in her element. Who knew that they teach line-dancing in elementary school as part of their PE? She did very well, and was adequately impressed that her "granny" picked right up and did all the moves right with the teens. Little did she know that I was a hard-core three times a week line dancer in my hay-day!

We had a very good time, then came home and watched an old Jim Carey movie "Liar Liar" and went to bed. Tomorrow we will possibly attempt going to the Cameron County Live-stock show and the rodeo. There is also a carnival and craft show (woo-hoo) so I'm looking forward to it (ok, I hate heights...but I can sacrifice myself to ride the scrambler with the grand-girl child I'm sure!