Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crazy Day

You know the day is gonna go to crap when it starts out with a rat in the room. Yesterday as I sat here at my computer doing Facebook, the dogs went crazy and there was a flash of a HUGE rat butt, scurrying under the bed, then a flash, under the cabinets, then a flash...oh yeah that was me jumping onto the guest bed. I squealed and screamed and banished a forgotten length of door trim like a sword, but my hero, Super Dave, slept on through it all in the other bedroom. Abby and Izzy, chased and growled to no avail, the rodent got away somehow.

The rest of the day did not improve. Patient load was horrendous, just a really busy group of really sick people. Personally I managed to prick my finger with a sterile needle, run into a wall and cut my elbow on the dry erase board, fell over a dynamap breaking it and hurting my leg....and last but not least to add insult to injury I put my hand in my pocket and my bandage scissors had come open, lacerating my finger.

The cure for all this craziness and bouncing off the wall (literally...hahaha), Dave had me a hot bath and a glass (not shot) of Tequila Rose! He may not have saved me from the rat today...but he did indeed save me! My Hero!!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


WHAT, IS IT A CRIME TO SLEEP. Anytime we are watching a movie and I nod off...and yes...I have been prone to nod off during any kind of film for the last 30 years, just ask my husband acts like it is a crime. He is gets pissed off if I cannot quote the last few sentences the characters on the PRETEND life have been saying...WHO THE FUCK CARES....I AM DOZING...IT ISN'T A CRIME~! Get a life......