Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Taste of Summer

My summer so far has consisted of trying to ride my motorcycle as much as I can. This has been slowed down somewhat my record heat waves in our area. I thought it was hot here (100 to 101 degrees when you are this close to the coast is pretty darn hot), until I texted my brother who is on a motorcycle trip from Texas to the California coast. Well, actually from there he will go to Seattle then up to the Sturgis Ralley, in whatever hedonistic state that might be.

 He traded his bike for another Honda (not being a hater...but gee) and added a sidecar for his new wife, who is not yet an enthusiastic rider. He got a portable air conditioner for the sidecar, and a smoked top to cut the sun down a little. The air conditioner requires ice in it and is powered from the bike battery (which as I understand it pretty much requires that the bike be running). So far so good, right? He put extra fuel cells in with an electric pumping system so he doesn't run out of gas in the desert or some equally deserted area.  So far, so good, right? What he didn't expect...118 degrees in Arizona.  What he didn't expect....the gas in his tank boiling and causing vapor lock. Boiling???? He insists that when you take the cap off the gas is boiling! Three. P.M. Arizona. 118 degrees. Guess what....the sidecar air conditioner is not working. Finally after about an hour he pumps more fuel from the fuel cell, which is technically cooler (or the gases vapored off relieving the vapor lock...but then who knows) and was able to crank the bike. He told me that his wife walked around holding an umbrella over him while he worked, as there was of course no shade. 

Lucky Jack...taking an umbrella to the desert in the middle of a heat wave. Guess who suggested that? Could it have been his marvelous sister? Of course it was...but Jack doesn't remember it that way. I just know that I had seen that idea for keeping the dogs out of the sun when there wasn't a tree to park your bike, and I thought it was a great idea. Jack did too...and since it was his worked.

They are back on their trip. They did not camp in their pull-behind pop-up tent-trailer last night. They opted for a hotel with a full blast air conditioner and I don't blame them. They have been meeting the most interesting people, like the truck driver (biker too) who helped them find a bike shop, and whose wife took my sister-in-law somewhere to cool off. You meet new friends on the road.

So, taste of's not so hot at 101 degrees when you compare it to a gas boiling 118 degrees.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Crazy Day

You know the day is gonna go to crap when it starts out with a rat in the room. Yesterday as I sat here at my computer doing Facebook, the dogs went crazy and there was a flash of a HUGE rat butt, scurrying under the bed, then a flash, under the cabinets, then a flash...oh yeah that was me jumping onto the guest bed. I squealed and screamed and banished a forgotten length of door trim like a sword, but my hero, Super Dave, slept on through it all in the other bedroom. Abby and Izzy, chased and growled to no avail, the rodent got away somehow.

The rest of the day did not improve. Patient load was horrendous, just a really busy group of really sick people. Personally I managed to prick my finger with a sterile needle, run into a wall and cut my elbow on the dry erase board, fell over a dynamap breaking it and hurting my leg....and last but not least to add insult to injury I put my hand in my pocket and my bandage scissors had come open, lacerating my finger.

The cure for all this craziness and bouncing off the wall (literally...hahaha), Dave had me a hot bath and a glass (not shot) of Tequila Rose! He may not have saved me from the rat today...but he did indeed save me! My Hero!!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


WHAT, IS IT A CRIME TO SLEEP. Anytime we are watching a movie and I nod off...and yes...I have been prone to nod off during any kind of film for the last 30 years, just ask my husband acts like it is a crime. He is gets pissed off if I cannot quote the last few sentences the characters on the PRETEND life have been saying...WHO THE FUCK CARES....I AM DOZING...IT ISN'T A CRIME~! Get a life......

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Me and My Mutts.

Dave and I traveled with friends to Texas Hill Country. We rode our Motorcycles on the Three Twisted most challenging ride yet. It rained all night Friday night and we woke to the welcome sound of water running over rocks in the Frio river, right in front of our cabin. Here is a picture of me and the dogs later that evening hangin out on the porch. The temperature had dropped to the 30's and my Valley Dog's were freezing!

Friday, November 11, 2011

What Happened....did I die???

It looks like riding a Motorcycle... and addiction to FaceBook really can cause death. Apparently death of my blog that is...since I haven't blogged since like March of this year. I spend a lot of time on FaceBook, until today, when it appeared my account was phished. I was forced to reset my password, and now I am locked in password hell, the sign on takes me to reset password, which takes me to sign on, which takes me to reset nauseum. I cannot actually get on my account to check my friend and family posts, it is driving me crazy!!!! Literally crazy!!!

Ok, so today I am up at the butt-crack of dawn, it is an amazing 37 degrees outside, and it is 90 in our bedroom. My hubby is cooking me one brain cell at a time...I woke up with a raging headache and have been hanging out in the cool, unheated side of the house for hours. Now I am free are frozen. To alieve my discomfort I have been hunting for socks to no avail. I finally found the gloves. So I sit here in front of my computer wearing yellow gloves on my feet, looks a bit like a duck...wondering if my hubby will find me frozen and think I have gone off my rocker?

Back to : Motorcycles: I have graduated from my Honda 1300 VTX to my new love: Harley Road King Classic. I am addicted. I even rode in 52 degree weather (with wind chill I was definitely chill). My new bike has cruise control, which is great for my weak wrist and power....dang....I catch myself hitting 80 when I think I am going 60. Loud pipes.....the coolness factor (not many women can handle this size of a bike), braids flying behind is good.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break is in the Air

Here, near Padre Island, spring is do I know? I see College Kids everywhere...on tv, in cars...and how the hell is it that all those girls can find fantastic bikini's and fit and jiggle in them everywhere???? Did I get old? It was just a day or two ago, I was the chick in the teeny tiny swim-suit, basking in the sun. Now I look for a little more adequate coverage and cover all my exposed skin with sun-screen.

Did I grow up, or just get old? Hummmm, maybe it was that damned AARP card I got in the mail today, makes me want to run naked down the beach yelling "NOOOOO I'M NOT OLD!!!", but that might get me locked up for insanity, they probably wouldn't buy the "Early Onset Dementia" excuse. Dave thought the mail run was excessively funny today, as I have been teasing him for years about receiving the AARP offers in the mail. I think he secretly contacted those damned people and put my address on their database. Bummer. He better look out, I see more roses in my future.

Last week I had to return two bras to Victoria Secret that didn't fit. The salesgirl conned me into letting her measure me...then proceeded to show me the ugliest bras I had ever seen, I wound up taking two of them just to shut her up. I asked to see something more stylish, and got one with lace on it....what the hell, I'm barely over 50 for God's sake...I am not ready for 18 hour comfort yet! Then to cheer myself up following the Victoria Secret depression causing incident, I headed over to the local nail spa to get my feet done. The nail tech, who was Vietnamese and barely spoke any English kept trying to talk me into additional services. I finally decided, OK, wax the upper lip. So into the inner salon room we go. She carefully spreads hot wax on one side of the mustache area....RIP...she looks at the used wax strip and says "WOW"....omg, NOT 'WOW'. Humm, "lady, do you want me to do the chin?" she is looking at my face closely, and I think, "Oh, holy hell, now I have a beard????", "Yes" do my chin....she proceeds to spread hot wax from EAR TO EAR....RIP.....needless to say, it was horribly painful, and now the skin on my chin is all irritated. I felt like the OLD BEARDED LADY from a circus....

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo, my darling husband, felt sorry for me and brought me a dozen Pink Roses with Lilies to work to cheer me up. My coworkers all thought he was apologizing for something. So I had to tell the Victoria Secret, ugly bra's, waxed lip, "Wow" story...and somehow, by the time I get to "WOW", it's not depressing anymore, but actually funny as hell.

So, I think I am ready to hit the beach, in a modest swimsuit, for spring break, with my newly waxed face and new AARP card.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The "Bomb"

Closest thing to a bomb yesterday. Secretary was talking to the House Supervisor yesterday and stepped backwards, surgery had dropped off pt and just placed the O2 tank in the nurses station...kinda in the middle, and left. Well secretary knocked over the O2 tank which was full, thank God it only loosened the regulator (as opposed to breaking it off). We got loud, dramatic spewing O2. The House Super was a guy yesterday, and he was able to turn the tank off with his fingers (we would have been scrambling to find a wrench). If the regulator had broken off....bad news.....we were lucky. The House Super looked at how full the tank was...we had something like 2000 lbs of it didn't turn into a missle. Scared the bejesus out of me! LOL.