Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ends and Pieces

Today I was off and running around shopping for this and that. Seems like that is the way life has been lately...a little of this and a little of that.

Good news: My knees are much better now. I found out I have arthritis, though why it suddenly flared up to the point of hardly being able to walk is a mystery. I blame it on the on again, off again weather systems (hurricanes) since it started when tropical Storm Alex was tracking near hear. I now have pain med, vitamins and steroids and the pain is gone in the left knee. The right knee is still recovering from me dropping my 800 pound motorcycle on it on pavement. Good thing Dave was there to untrap me, since I couldn't get my leg out. Note to self: Stay off the damned front brake girl!

Good news: Looks like everything is shaping up for me to go to my 35th class reunion. Now how in the hell did I get so old? Seems like just yesterday I was trying to choose a dress to wear under my graduation gown (like anybody was gonna see it), and praying that the thunderstorm would pass so we would still be able to graduate in the football field (it did, and we did). I haven't seen my older brother in two years (fishing trip) and we graduated together. He is not going because of financial reasons (he could go with me, but we are riding motorcycles...and I don't think he would ride B*tch!). We are planning on stopping on the way back to visit him.

Good news: Work is going great in spite of the economy. Our hospital is "up for sale" so to speak, but our Med-Cath owners are still holding their own stock-wise. Our hospital did a record breaking 27 heart surgeries last month (we are the "little" heart hospital), and we have not had many cancellation or call off days, and it was still "summertime". October 1, starts our actual "busy" season, as the winter Texan's start returning to the valley. I'm already getting calls to work on my days off, and I know it will only increase. Our new travel nurses are starting to arrive, and work, and it nice getting to know some new people.

Other stuff: My son has gone back to work, almost for 3 months now, and is doing good. My other son's hand is better and he is back to work. Everybody is healthy, and we are all getting by. Dave is as usual, wonderful.

And that does it for all the little ends and pieces going on in my life. Isn't it theraputic to blog? I get to start counting my blessings!