Monday, April 27, 2009

Waiting to find out what the heck I have

The Infection control Nurse called me last night at 9, on a weekend, she is going to call me this morning to let me know if I need to come in to pick up a prescription for the Tamiflu or if I need to go to my personal physician to get my throat swab done (only 70 percent accurate for flu type A anyhow). I sit here, with my low grade fever, my now sore throat and nausea, and I getting better yet. The chills come and go, but seem to be less frequent...of course that could have been the soothing shower that lowered my temperature. Ah.....I hate to be sick!


Reddirt Woman said...

It's a bitch to try to be funny when you're sick, isn't it?

I hope now with antibiotics to help, after almost a week without them, I can kick this shit to the curb instead of it kicking my butt.

Get well soon... to both of us.


Debbie Y. said...

I'm already all worried about the swine flu from the news reports and then my friend from Texas tells me through a blog that she might have it! You'd Better not! It's just a regular ole household variety of cold that you have, don't scare me to death with the possibilities. Tell me that you do not have the swine flu. Thinking of you!