Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bible Study...the end of the blog

My broadband link is slipping here in the blog-o-spere...and somehow the last of my blog was deleted. Here is the end...

God is there when my patient is crashing and burning...putting the idea's in my brain of what to do next. he's there for me...why can't I be there for him...on my day off...? If not for God's grace, I could be one o the poor unemployed, wondering where my next meal was coming from. I just don't appreciate the gifts I have been given.

I promise to do better. But, I still think Bible study would be better attended if they served Margarita's...just suggesting...LOL.

Now...that's the rest of the story.

Going back to bed now. I'm still in sleep deficiet. I really wanted to go to the beach today...if the weather I gotta get a couple more hours before I can even think about wrangling three weiner dogs with leashes up and down the shoreline.


Reddirt Woman said...

I just love you GingerJar... Bible study and margaritas... you know it would be better attended. "You get that in place and I might have to drive down and go to bible study with you.



Budd said...

For some reason I wish you were in the local ER as well as my church.