Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wow...wet stuff falling out of the sky!!!!

I haven't seen this stuff in so long. It is cool, it is is blowing's rain. Gee I need an Ark...because I haven't seen this much rain since the floor (of Hurricane Dolly that is). My thirsty grass is getting a drink. The irrigation canal is filling up, the farmers will be happy.

Now if we can just convince the Cameron County Tax Assessor that our house doesn't exist in two different places at the same time so they can quit collecting double taxes from us...I would be totally ecstatic.


Julie said...

Oh sweetie, come to Ohio. You can see that any time you want!!!

I'm here getting caught up on my blog reading...finally. Happy Sunday!

tipper said...

We've gotten more rain this year-and like you I'm soooo thankful!