Saturday, May 2, 2009

Feeling Better Today

Well I didn't have the exotic and highly contagious Swine Flu or Politically correct H1N1 (don't want to offend any pigs in the naming of diseases). Why is it that scientists fight tooth and nail to get a new illness named after them, but the lowly pig is insulted that the Swine Flu is named after them? I just don't get it.

I apparently have a particularly persist ant case of bacterial I'm on antibiotics and still on the antiviral for the possible exposure. My quick flu test came back negative, and even with only 60% accuracy, I am pretty confident that I don't have any type of flu. I got a Z-pack, Tesselon perles for cough ...and actually was able to sleep 4 hours last night! Hurrah!!! I haven't slept over two hours at a time in 5 days! I've coughed my way through 3 boxes of anti-viral Kleenex's. I also discovered that I have an allergic reaction to the C

I was feeling a little better yesterday evening, so Dave hooked my wagon up to the lawn tractor and pulled me and the dogs around the yard in it. I'm such a redneck was fun, the puppies loved it. Now they will want the mower out every day!

Dave and J moved the calves into our pasture yesterday after they finished the electric fence. Abby could not get used to them being there and would not stop barking. The puppies usually totally ignore the calves in the other pasture...but they were on this side in the dogs "yard"! Wiener's are so territorial!

Well I need to get of here...the power just went out and I'm using up the battery backup on the computer.

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Reddirt Woman said...

Glad you're starting to feel better, GJ. I got outside Thursday for the first time in nine days (except going to docs two different days). Of course, I'm way older than you are and it should take me longer to recoup. I hope you stay on the feel better trail.