Friday, January 16, 2009

Blazing Oven of Fury

Ok, maybe not a blazing oven of fury...but certainly a blazing oven....a really blazing that was on fire so bad, I dare not use it to cook on (all the insulation burned out of the top and I'm not sure what it may have done to the electrical wires). I wanted a new oven. Yes, we can even say, I lusted for a new oven...but I *did not* intentionally touch that oven with the intent to commit oven murder. Actually, Dave and I had been out and had a few beers (the beginning of poor judgement), I decided to toast some pecans for a *healthy* snack to go with the few beers we had at the house. Then I made two mistakes (on top of drinking beer and attempting to use an appliance). I placed the pan too close to the top element and I *forgot* to set the timer.

We are sitting there watching my taped "American Idol" and listening to the good, the bad and the ugly....when Miss Abigail's nose goes into the air. Then Miss Izzadora's nose goes up and she begins shaking all over. We look up, and there is smoke literally boiling out of the oven. We run into the kitchen and the pecans are blazing. I made the common error of opening the oven door (never do allows oxygen in...and do you know what oxygen does to a fire???). Licks of flame roared out of the oven and up to the stove top (I was SHOCKED). DAVE (enter the big strapping man on a white horse!) slams the door closed, turns off the electricity, pulls the stove out from the wall and unplugs it. By now the entire house is filled with horrible smelling smoke. To my complete amazement...although the smoke was making us cough and choke...none of our smoke detectors went off. Dave checked the batteries in the smoke detector's...and the battery's were fine and the smoke detector's tested normally....but with the dense smoke...they still did not go off.

Today we went and chose a new stove. Dave went with Gas since he does most of the thought was..."he trust's me with gas????" Tomarro I am gonna look into replacing those worthless smoke detectors.

Update on my friend *L*: She has been extubated but is still *not there*. I appreciate the comments from my friends. I am trying to not let it get me down. I am going to visit her tomarro after I attend a mandatory class.


Ness said...

Now that's a first...toasted pecans with beer. What happened to peanuts? Sorry about your stove fire...stuff happens. I didn't realize AI was back on again. Crap...missed the first show. I so appreciate you being a nurse...there are not many good ones out there as we're seeing with my ex FIL and the horrible care he is receiving in the nursing home. Have a great weekend!

Debbie Y. said...

I have never purposely committed oven murder before either. Sorry it got "burnded," but you get to get a new one. Yea!

Reddirt Woman said...

Toasted pecans with beer... That's kinda like vanilla creme sandwich cookies with Diet Pepsi...

Oven murder... that's a scream. I've known a few I'd like to murder though.

I'm like your man, I prefer gas and I don't cook much. I can really cremate stuff in a hurry on an electric stove.


Dana said...

Holy smokes! Glad you're ok. Hey, you got a new stove out of it!