Thursday, January 29, 2009

10 honest things.

Nogging Blogging nominated me for an award...I am so honored. I think the rules are that you have to tell 10 honest things about yourself then nominate 7 more people.

1. I am so uninformed that I do not know how to pick up an award or post it on my page.

2. I truely and honestly love my hubby with all my heart.

3. I hate to clean closets...even when forced.

4. My worst Christmas was when I was 13 and my step-father CLYDE made us clean closets after we opened our Christmas presents. I remember crying the whole time. It was absolute torture!

5. Three people who have died I did not cry for...and maybe even deep in my heart I was a little glad they were gone and couldn't hurt anybody else. One died of old age, one died because he was murdered (couldn't have happened to a better person) and one I blogged about died in a one-man roll over alcohol induced accident.

6. I love vanilla ice frills.

7. I love my two boys totally.

8. I love being a nurse...although sometimes I burn out and want to veg at home.

9. I have a love / hate relationship with my mother...and have to BITE my tongue every time I talk to her (and chant in my head...remember she is old and humor her...remember she is in Kentucky and can't control you...remember that she is old and humor her..)

10. I love wearing bikini's even though God knows I'm 50 lbs too heavy and 25 years too old to do so. Thank God for backyards!

Now I nominate for the "Scrape Award" the heck do you insert blog-sites in here?????

Head Nurse
Thoughts from the Nightshift
Red Dirt Woman
Wonderful World of Weiners
Blender Kimmy

darn, I cannot remember anybody else right now.


Julie said...

OK I left a comment and it didn't show up....let's try again.

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You give me hope that there are good guys out there to be met on the internet...

I'll be back to read more of your blog!!!!!!!!!!!

Aleta said...

Wow. That's honesty for you and very interesting!

That was horrible that you had to clean a closet on Christmas day? Good grief! Talk about wanting to ruin Christmas!

3 people you are glad they are gone ~ well, you're honest and I appreciate that. Not many people would admit such!

Sue said...

You can find out how to do the things you don't know how to on Blogger Help. Just type in what you want, like inserting links, and it will give you a tutorial. (by the way, click above and you'll get to that page!)

There are a few people I didn't cry for. I can't believe your stepdad made you clean closets on Christmas! Wow.

Sue said...

Helps if I put the link in before I hit publish! Here's the link tutorial.

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

Hey there! I wanted to tell you that many weeks ago, I read your comment "somewhere" about Perfect 10 and I tried it and I love it!!! I'm so glad you recommended that.

Treasia said...

Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be back to read more about you and your life.

Cleaning your closets on Christmas Day? I bet you hate doing that even now.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Hi! I'm glad I finally made it over here. I'll add you, too! Looking forward to exploring...

Reddirt Woman said...

hey Gingerjar... I've got a little something for you over at my place. Stop by when you get a chance.