Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Water Water Everywhere

Well, you know how it is, feast or famine, drought or flood. Since I haven't lived in this area that long, I wasn't too worried about the drought...except with all the wild-fires in the Spring and early summer. In fact when we were in Tennessee my hubby was so excited when it rained he got out the cam-recorder and documented it. It was really funny, to me, because I had spent the last few years either in Beaumont, Texas or the Piney forest of East Texas, where rain was more of a bother than a blessing. My hubby on the other hand (this was around the time we got married), had spent years in Carlsbad, New Mexico and West Texas...Midland and Odessa to be exact, then he had moved to the Rio Grande Valley. To him rain was not only a blessing, it was an occasion to be celebrated with champane!

Here, now....water, water, everywhere. Since Dolly we have been blessed with an over-abundance of rain. The soil here just cannot handle it. We live in black-land clay, you hear Rio Grande Valley and you think sand...but it just isn't so. With clay, after so much absorption...water just stands there going nowhere. Now remember we live in the country, so we have a septic system. After so much water, the septic lines and tanks fill up, they cannot drain because the ground is saturated. So, we are having trouble with our brand new septic system...and they just don't come with a garrantee. Oh, and remember the texas mosquitoes??? There is no stopping the breeding action when there is water standing inches above the ground everywhere you look. And the grass....beautiful...and deep...and unmowable...because the water is standing inches deep....and it HASN'T RAINED IN OVER A WEEK!

The lakes are full...for the first time...ever. I guess the water table has came up. I have a friend who cannot even shower at home because she lives on Class IV land...and apparently didn't do the recommended Class IV septic...and her well now smells like rotten eggs, and so does her bath water. So, guess since we have "city"water, we actually are doing ok. It's just that pesky little problem of water backing up in the bathtub. Guess it's a spit bath for me!


Aleta said...

Oh, man... Your post gave me the creeps, because I can relate. When the grounds are saturated, there's nowhere for it to go. When you live in a bowl like New Orleans, it happens with a days rain. I remember teaching my cousin (she lives in Maryland) about driving. I said, "You have to be careful when it rains, with the puddles." She want back home thinking I was nuts. Then one summer she drove to Louisiana through the rains. Our "puddles" don't go "down hill" like in Maryland - they pool and make you skid or you sink. Funny how in different areas of the States, things are completely different. And keep those mosquitos over there! Did you know that the West Nile Virus is still alive and well and spreading? But it isn't "exciting" enough to be in the news to warn people like it was in the past.... makes me dislike the media even more.

Yikes - sorry for the ramble! Enjoyed your post, even if I could relate a little too much to it.

Debbie Y. said...

I wish we could get some of the rain here.

About your comment on my GBS post, please try to show your nurse's how to give Luvinox shots without bruising the patient for a year. I actually still have a bruise on my left thigh where one of the nurse's jabbed a needle in so hard, I screamed bloody murder.