Friday, September 19, 2008

Abby gets the bird

Beautiful day yesterday, sunny, cool, little breeze blowing, so we opened up all the windows. Abby was playing vulture dog...just hanging on the back of the love seat looking out the window. Me, I was trying to catch a nap before I had to go to work...somehow 4 hours of sleep was not cutting it. All of a sudden, whack...whack...THUMP.

Apparently some nearsighted quails tried to fly right through the window screen, and Abby reacted like any red-blooded fraidy cat dog...and fell off the back of the love-seat. Then she tried to save face by jumping back up on the loveseat and raising nine kinds of billy hell barking and growling...which got the rest of the pack going.

Dave had to reported all this to me with glee, as I stumbled into the living room to see what all the fuss was about.

Too funny, then the pups all had to go out and pretend to be bird dogs...looking for birds...or feathers...or anything they could find and bark at it. Poor baby cow. Poor baby cow that is Abby's neighbor. Poor baby cow. Poor momma who got zero zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.


Aleta said...

LMAO - that's hilarious about your dog falling off the back of the love-seat. I can just picture it. Hehe. And then having to save face! My Siamese cat does that too and oh, boy, you better not laugh at him, because he gets pouty!

david santos said...


International day Peace

Gail said...

I bet your little dog's heart was racing so fast it was about to beat out of his chest. I love to watch dogs and cats when they try to act like nothing happened when they really mess up. I love your blogs, they make my day.