Thursday, December 3, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas

Guess you could say Christmas is sneaking up on me this year. Here it is the 3rd and I haven't gotten all my gifts done and wrapped yet. Usually I'm almost 100 percent finished with my shopping, and within days of the tree being up I'd have my stuff wrapped. Not this year. In fact, said tree hasn't even been purchased as yet. There are no Christmas candles scenting the living room. No Ponisetta's with their bright cheery blossoms. No model "Grandma's House" decorated with it's little running lights. Where is my holiday spirit?

We had Dave's mom's memorial Sunday. It was sweet, it was sad, now it is over. Time to start getting things ready for Christmas. Dave is depressed. I am depressed. But, I intent to try to pull him out of it by decorating and trying to get our lives back to normal. This will be the first year his son and grandkids are here for the holidays and I want them to be as stress-free and happy as possible. I'd love to get the lights on the outside of the house...not sure if that is practical though, but it might get Dave's mind off the last month. I want to declutter my mind.

Probably won't be shopping much for these holidays, but I want it to be special non-the-less. I want less glitter and more memory. It seems like as I get older the days are flying by so fast. I want some great memories for my kids and grandkids for when we are no longer here to decorate the tree. I want to get closer to God and back to when times were simple. I guess I want to be 5 again.


Aleta said...

Wishing the Christmas Spirit touches both of us. I'm very much like you in that typically - I already have all the gifts bought and wrapped and under the tree by now. This year... I've lost the spirit and I can't seem to find it. The tree is barren and I'm barely able to think about gift giving. I'm more bah humbug than anything.

Ness said...

I purposed this year that Advent Masses would be my every Sunday journey and I have so enjoyed the simplicity. The kids are getting 3 gifts each...just like the Wisemen brought to the Baby Jesus. I will keep Dave in my prayers and hope he can find his peace. Enjoy the small moments...the coffee/hot chocolate together watching a Christmas movie, the grandkids' eyes when seeing the joy of the holiday.