Wednesday, December 9, 2009

76 degrees and it's Christmas time?

Here in the Valley we are experiencing some great weather. Yesterday 76 degree's and sunny. We took the bike out and roared into town to do some shopping. Not much space to haul back purchases...but all I needed was some fancy shoes to wear to the fancy party Med Cath is hosting for our hospital. Our little hospital is the only one in the Med Cath system that came in under budget (read: made a profit) for the fiscal spite of a recession. So, lucky us, we get a catered dinner at the country club.

I have purchased the dress...from Dillard's where I actually hardly ever shop. The skirt is floor length tulip style, and the color changes from Deep Red to Black when you move. The blouse is black velvet with three quarter length sleeves. The cuffs and wide boat neck collar (man it's hard to describe this stuff...glad I'm not a wedding reporter! hee hee) are the fabric that changes color. The good thing about the outfit is that it is slimming. The bad thing is that I probably needed the skirt in a 14, but all they had was a 12, so I'll spend the evening sucking in the gut and trying to breath. I bought some cute shoes at Payless...and they were on sale...$11.00, a bargain for shoes I'll probably only wear once or twice. The shoes fit quite nicely into the bikes trunk bag.

Then Dave too me to eat and we went to the Cattleman and Co. Steak house...they have an awesome lunch .... even the smallest meal is way more than I can eat...and less than $10 a plate, and you get all the home cooked pinto beans you, steaming, and totally without any pork in it. We always sit on "the back 40", which is an add-on screened in huge porch...and I love feeling the breeze and being able to look out at the mesquite trees, flowers and flora. It's kinda like sitting outside...only not near as hot.

After shopping and eating, we had to hurry back home before Angel got off the bus. I took at 15 minute power nap, then her and I went outside to enjoy the balmy weather and sit on the porch swing. Later, as it was getting dark, we came in and tried to play the Wii game. I couldn't find the tennis game, but we found the training game, where you shoot balloons and stuff...and we had a blast. Me, I'm a very careful...aim and shoot kinda girl. Angel...may she is like the shot-gun from hell. Her controller sounded like a machine gun. She shot everything in sight, including friendlies. Remind me to discourage her from joining the military! She was like a 10 year old commando with curls. I was laughing so hard I almost fell down. It was fun.


Ness said...

The dress sounds phenomenal! Pictures please!

Aleta said...

Oh my! You did an excellent job at describing the dress. I'm with Ness - Pictures please!

GingerJar said...

I'll post pic's when I remember how.