Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ready or it comes: Christmas

Wow, for somebody who wasn't shopping much this Christmas, I sure have been wrapping a lot of stuff! I must just be a shop-a-holic! It's like, I see something...and it's , "hummmm Dave would sure look fantastic in that". He wan't a Harley for Christmas...but that isn't happening! Rich we ain't! But, hummm, nice warm snuggly clothes, something special to go with his guitars, a little of this and a little of that!

I'm excited ... I love having an excuse to buy stuff for him, because most of the time he won't let me spend money on him. He is so paranoid because his family tells him he is a "kept" man and that I am his "sugar momma". Sometimes I just want to smack them. They try to take his man-hood away, just because he can't work anymore. He cleans house and does the yard-work. At home he can work at his speed, and when his injured leg and back start giving him too much pain he can sit down and rest. He cannot walk up and down metal staircases anymore, he cannot do oil-field lifting, he cannot walk very far without agonizing pain...yet they want to make him feel "less than the best" for something that is out of his control. Dave was on the job, working for a petroleum company, when the company vehicle was T-boned by a

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Aleta said...

"sugar momma" ~ unless you are filthy rich, you don't qualify - Lol - tell them that.

And.. NOBODY should underestimate the value of housework and yardwork - it's time, it's effort and people pay for it (maids, yardpeople and such - so it's not "free" living - it's Work!)

Sounds like he has some jealous relatives and after reading what Dave went through, they should be ashamed!