Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Cards

Wow, I have been working non-stop for 4 hours making out Christmas cards. The only problem, is that I cannot seem to just do a christmas card without writting a note too...I just never have time to write all the letters I would like to. But, wow, when I start making out my cards, it's like, oh, I need to write her! or him! But, no body ever seems to write back. When I moved here to our new place I sent out umteen billion cards and letters. I got one letter back from one of my old friends in Beaumount...and that is all. One letter. I slaved for days handwritting dozens of letters and only one person had the manners to send a letter back. One person. Who I immediately wrote back to. One person. We can get on the internet for hours and hours...but we cannot put a pen to paper to communicate with a friend.

Speaking of communication. Dave is a genius with electrical stuff. He doesn't have an electrician license, but working at the gas-plant he was an instrumentation and electrical technician (with all their specialized training). So I have had to listen to all this electrical greek while he is figuring out what all he needs to install an outside outlet for the Christmas lights and timers. Granted, we already have an outlet, but it isn't "GFI" (?) PROTECTED and it wouldn't handle the load and the outside yada yada yada is not weather proof, and blah and blah and blah and eyes have been glazed over for at least 15 minutes...yet he continues to explain over and over what he is doing and why he is doing it...which he finishes with: "Well do you want me to wire it Hot or Cold?" Duh, as in "HOT" is fry your ass like a Christmas Turkey....and "Cold" is .... finish the hell up with your blogging and shut the computer down so I can work on the electrical outlet..... much insurance did I say I took out on you???? Just kidding....and on that note folks...guess I got to shut er down.

Have a great day.


Dana said...

That stinks that nobody wrote back to you! I find though that it's SO much easier to do email. I don't know's just so instant. No looking for stamps or trips to the post office. Keep trying though! If I had a friend writing me, I sure as heck would respond. I like to type out a letter with my cards, letting everyone know what's been going on in our house over the past year. I don't know if anyone appreciates that since I never hear back. I still do it though, makes me feel good!

Debbie Y. said...

I have never sent out letters and rarely send out Christmas cards anymore. You are a good friend to send out cards with personal notes on each one.

Hope you get all the electrical technicalities for the Christmas lights worked out.

Reddirt Woman said...

Hey Girl... did you get your Christmas lights up? I wish I had someone like your Dave. With all the stuff going on the last couple of months, we haven't gotten the outside electrical plugs fixed yet, so all I have outside is one string of multi-colored tube lights going down the handrail on the wheelchair ramp that I plugged into the porch light. I admire you for doing the Christmas cards. I have never been a letter writer or card sender... but I'm a good telephone caller. Loved this post.