Thursday, July 30, 2009

Entering the world of laptops.

Well. I'd like to say we have entered the good-times and suddenly won the lottery or something, but that would be a lie. Actually we went to a garage sale. My "geek tech" hubby spotted a "dead" laptop that no one could figure out how to fix. He went to radio shack and bought some electrical techo-geeky stuff.,...and wow. Now I have a Dell laptop that works perfectly. Not sure if it is too old or slow or not...who could tell with out slow-poke server? What is a challenge is typing with a keyboard that isn't sticking, or a mouse that goes on the fritz because it's not finding a signal. It is amazing that my husband is sooooo smart. Gee, and the gal at the garage sale threw in the case, floppies, a power cord and anything else that even looked like it went to a computer. He gave her $20. Damn, I love my man.

Now the only thing weird is that he is using my most loved fix it supply...Duct hold the power supply thingie together. I always tell him duct tape holds the word together...and now he really agrees. Can you believe the man took me to Corpus Christi for a romantic weekend and gave into to my garage sale fetish??? Then is the effort of fairness I took him to a Warehouse tool sale where he bought things I cannot even name...yet alone know how to use...with the exception of the needle-nose pliers. Oh, and I bought him a sign for our window "Forget about the guard dog, watch out for the owner" with the picture of a large gun barrel.....LOL.

I also plied him with steak and seafood. We walked on the jetties by the Lexington (a battleship that is harbored at Corpus) and we watched a helicopter buzzing by while they were filming a Pepsi commercial. They were also having the Special Olympics there, we didn't go, but there were plenty of contenders staying at our Hotel...and they were not all designated Special Olympie's...some were just plain old red neck drunkards! We tried our best to join them...what with me falling into the hot tub and all....ride the wave was really an accident!

So after a weekend of total rest, I went to work...and I don't know what the hell I did to my back (we know it wasn't the wild and weird position sex we tried out over the weekend), but I have been having hellious lower lumbar spasms (so weird for me...I usually only freak up my upper back from pulling up patients). So...I went to the doctor yesterday for pain meds, muscle relaxants and so on and so forth. Today it is some better, but tomorrow I go back to work.
Oh, and I am gonna have an MRI. I have a birth defect called spinal bifia occulta, which means I'm missing some spinous transverse processes on my right lower lumbar spine, and the doc wants to check and make sure I don't have any bulging disks.

Oh, nuff already. I'm listening to "THE BEST OF THE DOOR'S" which my techo wizard hubby loaded on my I-pod Nano I got for Christmas and I still don't know how to use.

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