Monday, February 23, 2009

Little Mexico

Yesterday we went to "Little Mexico"...which is the huge flea market in Brownsville, TX. We took a translator (our preacher) so we could actually Anyway, I bought some palm trees for my yard and some other plants. Now, I have to leave my blogging friends and get to work..digging holes and watching Dave repaint the door. He's already had a cow because the "forest" green pain looks grass green in the daylight. Huummmm.... it's the back-door, I don't think anybody will care if it isn't an exact match...but he is Mr. Perfect, what more can I say????


Debbie Y. said...

When we lived in San Antonio, we would visit El Mercado, a flea market of sorts downtown. My daughter loved it. I preferred going to Garden Ridge Pottery, now that place had everything.

I agree with Dave, if they sell ya "forest" green paint, it should be the color of the forest, not the color of grass. Every color has so many different shades and hues these days, why can't it just be simple.

Have a good day off working your behiney off.

Shay said...

Mom's right I did LOVE El Mercado! Also I just love Palm trees...they are so beautiful to me. We decorated my son's room in a jungle theme and I was able to incorporate my palm tree furniture decor in with it too!

Reddirt Woman said...

Oh, wow... I'd love to go shopping with you. I've heard of Little Mexico and I love flea markets, so I'm a little envious.

Aleta said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I need plants that survive on their own, out of sheer will power, because I don't come with a green thumb. Though, we are trying to grow banana peppers.