Monday, November 10, 2008

Just do it.

The whole USA only 40-50 cases ANNUALLY of TETNUS...if you get a puncture wound, or a sore, just do it...get the shot. Nothing like being one of the few nurses in the whole USA caring for somebody with learn more than ya want to ever know about LOCKJAW.

Did you know that if you have lockjaw:

1. You require respiratory trach, because much liike meningitis ya cannot bend your neck.

2. That you will have TETNANY all over which means you are like in a spasm all over...particularly your LOCKJAW. (kinda like grinding your teeth all night long, except with a bite block in...and loosened or broken teeth)

3. You probably won't live no matter what is done for you, because by the time it is reconized, being so rare and all, it is usually too late.



Damn, I guess you can tell it was another hellious night.....tucking bundles of ice packs under 102.8 degreee armpits....

Damn, one more beer and I may just be unwound enough to go to bed. I think I've gritted my teeth all shift trying to do everything I can....wish I could just make everybody well. No body deserves to suffer like this.


Ness said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and your words of encouragement and support. Nurses are unsung heroes who put the pieces back together after the doctors fly through and create havoc. I am an LPN but due to thyroid cancer and fibromyalgia I can no longer work as one, but the knowledge and training never leave me. I was beginning to think I was crazy when I saw what was going on and yet two neurosurgeons could not see it. Bless you as your work with the lucky ones who have you for their nurse.

Aleta said...

I'm so sorry that your day was like this. I cannot imagine what you go through in wanting to help people and feeling as though you can't. When Greg was in his car accident and a tree limb went up his arm, he had lots of shots and one of them was a tetnus. I was glad they gave it to him.

Reddirt Woman said...

Tetnus is an awful disease and more so because you can keep from getting it with a simple shot. I know you have to get frustrated, especially when you have to deal with someone like this that there is little hope for and knowing that they didn't have to go through all this. But if they survive this, maybe next time they will get a shot.

Thank you for all you do trying to get folks through each crises.


Debbie Y. said...

My husband's uncle got lockjaw from not getting a tetanus shot, but he lived. He had to be placed in one of those hyperbaric chambers and that was many years ago. I don't know how they knew that's what he had, but they were able to treat him and he recovered. He died sometime later of something totally unrelated.

I have fussed at Eddie about not going and getting a tetanus shot. He is continuously getting cut, stuck or stabbed by something rusty and dirty in car/lawn mower engines or on old tools, etc., but he will not.

I'm gonna let him read your blog, maybe that will shake some sense into him or maybe not.