Saturday, October 11, 2008

This way a Birthday came...and went

Yesterday was my Birthday and it came and went without a sniffle. I was I am still 51 and one day. What did I do with my second day of 51??? I walked the American Heart Association heart walk....3 whole miles...after my 13 hour shift and before I ate breakfast. I earned myself a free cap, a pat on the back...and since I've got home a bowl of cottage cheese. Isn't life grand???

Then I get home...surprise, my hubby went to Victoria Secret and got me a pretty sexy bra set in my favorite red. Somehow he doesn't see the little jiggles and rolls I got going, but I'll pretend I don't notice them either when I test run that little set!

I wanted to blog about my favorite birthday memory...but I'm just too darned tired. So...give me some good reading. Tell my your favorite birthday memory....


Debbie Y. said...

I think it was my sixth or seventh birthday party, but I'm not sure and the person I go to about all things when I was small is no longer here with I'm not sure which year it was precisely.

Mom and Dad decided I could have a birthday party and they would take me and some of my friends to see Cinderella on the big screen at the Alabama Theater downtown. I had never been before and it was like walking into a palace. The red velvet curtains and the large pipe organ, the ornate gold balconies, the plush carpet and the vast ladies room downstairs with floor to ceiling mirrors in the waiting area. The huge concession stand out in the lobby, which may have been my first experience of eating hot buttered popcorn...mmm! The movie was larger than life on the big screen, and I fell in love with a little mouse named Gus-Gus. Eddie's tummy reminds me of Gus-Gus. LOL Then it was on to Pasquale's pizza for the whole gang and back home for cake and ice cream. I was sick from all the food, but so satisfied and smug because my two older brothers were mortified that they had to go see Cinderella for their sister's birthday party. Nanny-nanny-boo-boo. I still embarrass them with that one. Needless to say they have ways of exacting revenge, but it's fun while it lasts.

The red lingerie sounds wonderful. Happy Belated Birthday! I usually just get a card. I thought for sure Eddie, Shannon and my brother's would have had a surprise party for my 50th, but it came and went with nothing more than a whimper. Now I am closer to celebrating my 52nd in a few months, so who cares. It's now considered just another day.

GingerJar said...

Thank you for your birthday sounds wonderful. Well as we get older we are really celebrating still being alive as opposed to our actual birth...hope this year is wonderful, you deserve a party! Thank you again.