Sunday, October 5, 2008

Insane Mama: A Big Old Spooky Mess

Insane Mama: A Big Old Spooky Mess

You can follow the link to Insane Mama to enter a contest for gas money or a cash prize. All you have to do is submit a scary story or a Halloween story.

I have a doozy of a story. It's not a Halloween story, but it was very scary.

When I was married to Husband #4 (Don't Ask!)....we lived in a home from the '40's. We knew it was haunted. How did we know? Hummm...something about bangs in the night, voices screaming at the husband to "get down" and "stop" while he was painting his work-out room red. I got the hysterical man call at work at 2am...wanting to know where the hell the tequilla was so he could get his hands to stop shaking, and he was not a hysterical type of guy. Other times we would watch our two dogs, one a full grown German Shepherd watching something near the ceiling in the kitchen (always in the kitchen) and following it around the ceiling barking and whining and growling...and there was NOTHING there, not even a reflection of light from the street. The only other time the dogs acted that way was when somebody was breaking into the house next door and the dogs acted the same way while trying to scratch through the window to get at the burglar!

So, we pretty much were sure the house was haunted.

It was a few weeks before Halloween. My girlfriend Reggie and her *girl-friend* / *partner* were over visiting with her two boys. The boys didn't want to stay because it was getting dark and they had heard their mom talking with Hubby #4 about the house being haunted. Hubby #4 worked nights so he went to off to work, leaving me, my two girlfriends, his two daughts and two little boys to our own devices. We convinced the kids that ghosts are probably not real, and they if they were, we had lived in this house a long time...and the ghost was like Casper the Friendly Ghost because nothing bad had ever happened, just weird things like voices and noises.

We finally had every-body settled in eatting pop-corn and watching a DVD. We were watching Tom Hanks in "The Green Mile". We had been laughing and joking and everybody was in the living room. The porch light was on, all the lights in the living room were on, and all the lights in the dining room were on. The living room and the dining room were open...where it had been expanded into one big room at some time in the past. We were near the end of the show where the big Black Inmate is getting ready to go to the electric chair. He's walking down the hallway crying and lights start blowing out in the hallway on the show. At that EXACT moment all the lights in my living room, dining room and on my porch blew out...with sparks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The television did not go off or even flicker. Kids are screaming and all the grown ups stood up and screamed. My step-daughter almost had a panic attack...just sitting and shaking and going "oh, my God" Oh, my God" over and over. My other step daughter ran to her room and turned the light on in there.

Well, no body wanted to stay for the end of the movie. I had to replace all the light bulbs. The next morning Hubby #4 checked the fuse box and all the electrical stuff he could, but we never found an explanation for the lights going out....and the timeing??? Who could ever explain that?

To this day I still tell the story of the night the lights blew out at the same time as they did on "The Green Mile". I still have lots of witnesses that the story is true and I still love watching Tom Hanks in "The Green Mile". I no longer live in the haunted house, and I have never experinced anything like this again.


Dana said...

Hey, thanks for the comment.

That is one freaky story! I think I would've peed my pants right then and there!

I see we share a love of Koontz and Cromwell! AWESOME authors. I am in love with reading and think I've read all of their titles that my library carries!

Insane Mama said...

Ummm I'm pretty sure that house was haunted too!
YIKES. Good story. Thanks for participating, I put you in for three entries

Dana said...

Ginger, I think at this point, I MUST know who posted about her son dumping worms all over the floor! I think maybe we could arrange a play date for our "imaginative" children!

Aleta said...

Oh my gosh, your story sent shivers down my spine! Creepy!!

Debbie Y. said...

I probably would have run out of the door and never stepped foot in that house again. How can I say I don't believe in ghosts when I pray to The Holy Trinity everyday. I believe one of them is a ghost. How can I say I don't believe in evil beings when Jesus spoke against the devil, that he is real and is evil incarnate. So who am I to say what is out there past our understanding. I really yearn for my mom to be around me in spirit and give me guidance whether she can or not. I read that the souls in heaven are way to busy shouting Hallelujahs to Jesus all day to be worried about us mortals left here on earth and that is all well and good, but I would like to think she is thinking about me. I kind of got off the subject a little, but we were talking about ghosts/spirits.