Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Newby Nurse forever does it Again

Well, I guess me watching over one of her patient's all night long wasn't enough. I told her you couldn't give blood with a 24 g needle, and I reminded her to check the IV BEFORE obtaining the blood from the lab...she pooh-poohed me with...it has NS going at 100 in it, it's fine, I'm using it. Checked blood at the bedside, she pulls back the sheet and low and behold the IV is out and the NS is flowing all right...right into the bed....oh my gosh...whatever will I do....WILL YOU PLEASE START ME ANOTHER IV? I actually turned in disgust...and said..."Sorry, you'll have to get the Charge Nurse for that, I'm too busy (after all I had a new IV to start in one of my own rooms!). She was shocked, I didn't do it for her, I didn't start the IV or the blood, or do her medication records or ......you get the drift.

Got an admit last night, 95 yr old gal, full of grit and vinegar I tell ya. She's a cutie. I really hope she is better by this evening as she was very sick this morning. No complaints from her. I did have a patient that was yelling at me when I came in the door, mad because I didn't speak Spanish, I got somebody to translate and calm him down...this morning he was speaking PERFECT English!!!! Like why the heck did I have to take an ass chewing...when he understood me PERFECTLY???

WEll to bed I go...I actually had a decent night as you can see, it is 8:30 and I am home again!

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Debbie Y. said...

I'm sure you were wanting to pull your hair out. I would!

It must be interesting the different people you meet in your profession. You are able to tell what type of person they really are when they come to you in pain and discomfort.

Hope you have a good day.