Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dolly, Random weirdness

Well, Dolly may be gone, but there are still weird things to see and experience.

The elevator at work. The rear door doesn't open. It always says it's on the 3rd floor no matter where it really is. When you get in it always says you're on the 13th floor or going to the 13th floor...and strangely we only have 4 floors and a roof! So is that Lucky the guitar pick's or Unlucky 13 like with superstion??

The parking lot in the mornings. More than trees being pulled up and disrupted, our parking lot is flooded everymore, with water pooling up from the sprinklers. Maybe they are stopped up from the stilt, but what the heck is the matter with the timers...the water is still pumping out in the mornings, not spraying, pumping like a cut artery. Weird.

Driving home, I realize the farmers have probably lost millions of dollars in the valley. Cotton lies on the ground like wet popcorn. What cotton is still on the bush is dangling like wet hankies. Not exactly the fluffy cotton I'm used to seeing.

Roof's covered with bright blue tarps.

Ditches full of stacks of tree limbs.

People helping that's not only's surreal!


Debbie Y. said...

You write very well, your post was an easy read. I like the paragraph on the farmers and the cotton crop, very descriptive. I can see the crops in my minds eye easily.

Weird happenings after the storm. Hope Ms. Fay doesn't bother us.

Anonymous said...

"Unlucky 13 like with superstion??"

13 is not unlucky. You can see that many people like the number thirteen. such as this clothing supplier:

The superstition does not keep men and women from where all these t shirts!!