Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Here comes the Judge!

She was emancipated, dirty, dehydrated and confused. Why am I here?? When is the helicopter coming to get me??? Call my husband W...., he doesn't know where I am. What are you doing to me. Why am I here....

*She* had been in the bed sick for two weeks. No one knew what was actually wrong with her. She quit eatting and drinking. She didn't take her pills...any of them...although EMS found a shit-load of them sprinkled on the bed covers. Her daughter had been trying to call her for days, without a response. Her Husband *W* , also has Aizheimer's, but not as "bad" as her case. They are Winter Texan's ... who winter by the sea-shore on the Gulf when the weather gets bad. Unfortunately...Texas, like the rest of the nation, is experiencing unseasonably cold weather. As Winter Texan's these people were unprepared for the cold. They hold up in their rolling homes on wheels, bundled up in the covers...developing DVT'S and waiting for the warm to return.

Her monitor is going off. I dash to the room, Sinus Tach 130....She is sitting calmly in the bed with an electrode dangling from her mouth, nursing it like a lollipop....."What is this?" She asks, shaking the offending tasteless electrode at me. She pop's it quickly into her mouth. She has managed to strip off her gown and almost get on her gray sweat-shirt. She looks at me..This sad woman, with perfectly manicure nails...painted peach...with dirt under them. The sad part...Severe Aizheimer's has robbed her memory of almost everything...she knows she has a husband, who *knows* her medical history, and a daughter...who doesn't live here. She doesn't remember that she was a county Judge in West Texas. She doesn't remember where she is or why she is...just that the helicopter is coming to get her. How sad. Aizheimer's has to be the worst.

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