Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Drug Seeker

She is back in the hospital. For the zillionth time. When she leaves here she will go to the sister facility two blocks North. When she leaves there she will go to the smaller facility in the next town, then to the bigger city. In about 6 weeks when she has exhausted all of those she will be back.

She has no insurance. She has no job. Her hubby goes with her from hospital to hospital, he is also unemployed. They are not elgible for government programs (Think "Rio Grande Valley").

She can't afford her drugs. She is non-compliant with her medical management. The MD's know her well. Her drugs of choice: Lasix, Anti-hypertensives, and Insulin.

I doubt they have a home, maybe visit family or friends for the one or two days a month she is not admitted in acute CHF. December bought her a CABG for Christmas...Thanks to the Taxpayer's....even though the doc's know she is a poor risk, non-compliant, what are they to do?? The sad part....she is 41 and knows she is dying.

Drug Seeker...yes, non-compliant...yes, but as a patient...she never asks for anything except a little water. Never complains of pain, never asks for pain medications and is grateful for any little tiny thing that is done for her. I have patient's with the greatest of Insurance, who have a multiple of pills and plenty of help at home. They have food, clothes, heat and a roof over their heads. They demand bowing and scaping, and yes I'll get that right away...after all....isn't this Hotel Hospital???? Yet, this one simple woman touchs my heart.

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