Thursday, December 28, 2006


Today has been a trying day. First, my father-in-law, who has never been in a hospital, had surgery yesterday...and today he is feeling better...hence starts the whining...all nurses know when the patient is feeling better because they whine about soup has salt in it...I can't eat it...they forgot and sent me eggs and I'm allergic (except when I want to eat them, and then they don't make me sick!), my ice pack has melted again (imagine that), I have a headache and they won't do anything about it, sit me, put me down, turn off the light, turn on the light....and all this in the first five minutes. Being a nurse means when you are visiting someone in the hospital you should be able to fix everything instantly...because YOU are a nurse...even if it is not YOUR hospital, even if it is WHERE you USED to work before you found an even greater and better job................... You tolerate all 30 minutes during which he gets pulled get ice are forced to TASTE his hospital soup to verify on a stack of bibles that there is indeed no sodium in it....get the nurse to order Tylenol and bring said Tylenol to him....then escape so you can go home and try to sleep for your shift tonight. Before you can sleep you attempt to set up your own appointment for a treadmill test...where the receptionist snidely tells you that you cannot have an appointment until you bring in the referral and sign for the instructions (you know the ones, wear comfortable clothes....ect. ect. ect) so now I have to stay up late tomorrow morning to satisfy the sadistic evil cardiologist that assumes nobody can read a piece of paper....unless they sign for it. Lord, Lord...I hope this appointment is soon and not dragged out over the next month! Surely they will want to repeat the EKG's, blood work and pee test one more time for good measure. Oh, well to bed it is for the quick zzzzzzz's.


shrimplate said...

People who work 12-plus hour shifts really know the meaning of "quick zzzzz's." The hours at work go by so slowly, like continental drift, but the hours for sleep go by in a flash.

GingerJar said...

Well I certainly agree...but the work seems to go really fast for me...our unit is not "computerized". It seems day and *night* both fly by, the days off go even faster...especially since with night shift you sleep the first day of the two days off :), thank's for the comment. I just saw it today.. Ginger