Friday, December 29, 2006

Another Day .....

Today the Father-in-law, who had never experienced surgery ..... is now a pro. I stopped by to check his progress after my 12 hour night shift bearing gifts of *real* Starbucks and coffee-cake (yes he is diabetic, but it doesn't stop him at home from the constant indulgment...and he really hasn't eatten in two days). He is reclining in the bed, his color is good, his breathing is deep and unlabored (always assessing arn't we???) then his eyes open, and the whining is actually tempered with a smile!!!! His foley was pulled, so he was forced to lever himself out of the bed several times during the night to urinate...Oh God the Evil Demented Nurses must have been torturing him!!!! He actually had the much awaited birth of a turd...and now is biting at the bit to go home to the comfort of his easy chair and the knowledge that everybody within a mile radius is gonna wait on him hand and foot (NOT!). ANYWAY...I think I made daughter-in-law points for *real* coffee.

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