Friday, November 11, 2011

What Happened....did I die???

It looks like riding a Motorcycle... and addiction to FaceBook really can cause death. Apparently death of my blog that is...since I haven't blogged since like March of this year. I spend a lot of time on FaceBook, until today, when it appeared my account was phished. I was forced to reset my password, and now I am locked in password hell, the sign on takes me to reset password, which takes me to sign on, which takes me to reset nauseum. I cannot actually get on my account to check my friend and family posts, it is driving me crazy!!!! Literally crazy!!!

Ok, so today I am up at the butt-crack of dawn, it is an amazing 37 degrees outside, and it is 90 in our bedroom. My hubby is cooking me one brain cell at a time...I woke up with a raging headache and have been hanging out in the cool, unheated side of the house for hours. Now I am free are frozen. To alieve my discomfort I have been hunting for socks to no avail. I finally found the gloves. So I sit here in front of my computer wearing yellow gloves on my feet, looks a bit like a duck...wondering if my hubby will find me frozen and think I have gone off my rocker?

Back to : Motorcycles: I have graduated from my Honda 1300 VTX to my new love: Harley Road King Classic. I am addicted. I even rode in 52 degree weather (with wind chill I was definitely chill). My new bike has cruise control, which is great for my weak wrist and power....dang....I catch myself hitting 80 when I think I am going 60. Loud pipes.....the coolness factor (not many women can handle this size of a bike), braids flying behind is good.

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Vegas Linda Lou said...

Blogging is very time-consuming. I don't blame you for wanting to go out and enjoy life instead of writing about it!