Saturday, December 11, 2010

Which way is the Wind Blowing?

Nothing smells worse than a dead 'possum, especially if said 'possum is between the insulation and the floor of your bathroom. When the wind blows from the South (ocean direction here), the smell is unbearable, and that is the direction the wind blows most of the time. I have laid on the ground and cut the insulation cover and pulled the insulation down, but my arms, not being 6 foot long, cannot reach the area where the suspected critter met his demise. In fact, not sure if I want to. The stench has improved, but not gone yet by far. Everything in my bathroom has been pulled out of the cabinets and under the sink, we even pulled up the false bottom under the sink, nada. To make this all worse (for me at least), is that my hubby has a very weak stomach. That means that "I", being a nurse with a "strong" stomach, gets to seek out the source of the decomposing corpse. THIS IS NOT FUN. I WANT TO GO SOMEWHERE FUN...NOW.

Moral of the story: When going out of town for the weekend, and you wish to rid your home of "mice", don't put poison under your house...there may be a bigger, smellier critter lurking around.

I wonder if I could rent a hotel for the holidays? I wonder now big of "sticky" traps I can buy. Is there a product called "Corpse be-gone" or "Decomposing body Oder eater" or "Freebreeze for Decay"? I would "kill" a 'possum to get my hands on something that would eliminate the smell.

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Aleta said...

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW..... we get that problem in the office. The rats eat poison that the pest control puts out and then the rats die... between the walls are in the attic and the smell is just AWFUL....

and one time.... see... that poison makes the rats thirsty.... one time we found a dead rat in the toilet! OK, GROSS!