Wednesday, August 11, 2010

People that Quietly touch your life.....

Sometimes a patient will touch you, in unexpected ways. Just seconds, that become a memory, that comes to you from time to time. Last week, it was a physician, who was my patient. Going for surgery, outcome expected to be very good.

He was humble, not arrogant at all, not expecting extra perks or favors from being a V.I.P., just a very nice guy. I gave him all the info about his surgery, even though I suspect he knew more than I, because I thought having the more basic information would help to calm his family down some. I remember when I was a patient having a procedure, that although I was very familiar with what was going to be done, it is still very scary knowing you are the patient, putting yourself in other (hopefully) capable hands. The lack of control over the situation, is in itself anxiety inspiring.

While I was off, this patient went to surgery. I was expecting to already have him back on the floor as a patient, as we get post-op hearts out as early as on the first post-op day. I found out yesterday, which would have been like the 4th post op day that he had to go back for another procedure, and that his outlook was very bleak. I was shocked! I would have absolutely thought this mans outcome would be great, he looked healthy, he had a positive attitude, lots of family support, and a good surgeon.

I am in prayer for him and his family. I was very touched by this humble unassuming man, who you would never suspect was a physician.

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