Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Last night at work us girls were in the doc dictation room gabbing. We had moved the charting in there because the light is brighter (we are required to turn down the station lights at night... making it difficult to see and if we are in the dictation area it's quieter for the patient's...and we can pick up the phone calls there and still hear the call bells and everything.

We somehow got to talking about last Halloween....one of the girls had been going to a Halloween party in San Antonio and I was asking how her costume worked out for her. Now L had decided to go as a "Happy Hooker"...which was a long stretch of the imagination for me. L is not obese, but like me is carrying a few extra rolls around the middle. She is also usually very shy and I could not picture her in this costume. She informed us that she had changed her mind and went at "Naughty Nurse". I was giggling because on "Sex and The City" (the movie), Miranda quips that the only costumes for women are "Slutty Nurse" or "Sexy Witch". L assured us that not only did she go as "Naughty Nurse" that she had pictures. She described her costume: Her white Lab coat...and nothing else. I started laughing....well L....elaborated....She had on a black lacy cami, black fishnet stockings, a bra and undies (of course) and high high heels. Oh, and as she walked out of the room, she also quipped "I even found a condom and pinned it to my pocket"! WTF.

"Wait, Wait, come back.....what do you mean you FOUND a condom????" "Was this a new or used model?" At this point our very innocent and young aide P quipped, "Trojan?", "Magnum?" I ask....we started giggling. "Ribbed for her pleasure?" P asks. "French Tickler?" I ask...by now we are giggling so hard tears are running down our faces. P, with streams of mascara....then tops it all off "Chocolate or Strawberry flavored!?" She gasped!!!!!

Thirty minutes later we are still looking at each other and giggling....Everybody is walking by, just shaking their heads .... wondering what the joke is....and we cannot even say. How do explain condoms and work????


Debbie Y. said...

That would be very hard to explain and I would have been in a fit of giggles with you. One of our employee's dressed up as the "Head" Nurse for a work Halloween party with her knees of her hose torn and shabby, very very naughty and she was reprimanded for it since it was an office party during office hours, but she thought it was funny, the rest of us gasped when we saw her too, but you have to know this lady she actually thought it was funny. The worst I have dressed up for Halloween is as "Scarlett O'Horror" and Cleopatra, "Queen of Denial."

I bet ya'll are still giggling!

Aleta said...

* giggling * that was too cute! Sometimes women can cut loose and have fun - but yeah, I was wondering.... where DID she find the condom??

Julie said...

Sounds like me and my friends...

Getting caught up on blog reading finally! Good morning!