Monday, July 21, 2008

Well Hello "Dolly"

Looks like we may be in for a hurricane folks. Here the nurses are already getting antsy...reviewing hurricane prepardness charts...logging onto the weather net every hour or so...and the storm hasn't even cleared Cancun yet! Why do you thing we are so anxious. One word "Katrina"! Nurses got racked over the coals for making decisions in crisis situations. Everybody else can flee before the storm, but nurses are required to stay, and report to work. To hell with your family, to hell with your home, to hell with your safety. Even if a mandatory evacuation is called by the mayor, you still must report to your job and be prepared to work without leaving or lose your job. A hospital in Browsville fired a nurse who didn't report for work during a hurricane...came to find out she didn't report because she was killed on the highway trying to get to work ... now that is just wrong! Anyway, when "Rita" was coming in I worked at a LARGE hospital in a South Texas City, and the power's that be decided not NOT evacuate during the mandatory evacuation because the new building was rated for a "hurricane 3". My comment "Yeah, I believe that, remember the building was built by the people who forgot to caulk the window's and it rained inside the first time the wind blew"! Sure, and I really didn't like being their when the wind was whipping up to gusts of was scary as hell. Add to that the weather channel with hourly Tropical Updates...and the anxiety level is astronomical! So this time, guess I will risk my life in my trailer, because if I evacuate to safety I cannot report to work...and will be fired...then again...if the hospital blows away.....

Anyhow, anticipating being called in if they decide to evacuate to help with patient's. Good think census is low. Hey, maybe they'll send me to San Antonio and I can hang with my brother and nieces!

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DCY said...

I hope and pray that you are alright through the storm. I heard before landfall it had escalated to a level 2 hurricane. My throughts and prayers are with you and please let me know you are safe afterwards.

Keep safe,