Saturday, February 2, 2008

One Good Night!

Don't know why I had such a good night last night. Could be cause we ran out of tele packs before I ran out of empty rooms (hurrah!) and they didn't send any medical admits....(hurrah)! So I had 4 stable mables and no crash-n-burns or circling the draino's! (hurrah!) I had sssssssssssuuuuuuuch
a good night I was able to help my less fortunate co-worker Ms. Newbie Nurse Forever with her patient's...and do all the things she claimed she hadn't done yet (guess she forgot who trained her and signed off on all the things that she did!). Any how...even then there was some drama. The lady Ms. I'm Confused and Don't Know it Yet (ICADKIY FOR SHORT) managed to pull out her IV and she was on a heparin drip ...and drip she did...drip dripdripdrip...drizzle...drip.drip.drip. , and the little pregnant aide freaked out!!!! HEY...HEY ... HEY SHE'S BLEEDING IN HERE...DO SOMETHING...DO SOMETHING...HEY..HEY...HEY SHE'S BLEEDING IN HERE. Ms PG stands there wringing her hands watching the steady flow of blood onto the clean gown and floor...flowing down the arm and steadily dripping. Hey Ms. Newbie Nurse Forever..your patient has pulled her IV out and HEY..HEY..HEY she's bleeding in here (picture blue gloved hand wringing...notice no body has bothered to apply pressure yet) Ms. NNFE sniff's...well I'm too busy...I'm doing something...I'll be there in a little bit.
More blue-gloved hand wringing. I look around the corner as I trot out of my patient's room. HEY HEY HEY....SHE'S BLEEDING...DO SOMETHING. I holler, well put some pressure on it...I put 4X4's in there an hour ago when it was leaking and I fixed it for Ms. NNFE! I get a blank look. Either she didn't understand 4x4 or I didn't understand that she wasn't touching the patient for love or money....maybe a lot of money...but not what she's getting paid! I go in and save the day. Amazing what some 4x4's and a little reassurance will do to a bleeding patient. I clean her up, change the gown, wrap her in a warm blanket and put her back to bed. Super Nurse Has Once Again Saved the Day for Newbie Nurse Forever (and that was between taking care of my job and two others of her's). sigh, and i just thought she was getting the hang of it.

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