Monday, February 12, 2007

BAck again for more

Well, I've been off for 3 wonderful nights. Of course *they* asked me to work at least one of my nights off....especially since it is the weekend, and especially since *they* are short. What at *they* gonna do when the new law that is being lobbied gets passed...they we can only work a 12.5 hr day and only so many hours a week, and only 3 /12 hour shifts in a week??? Who are they gonna get to cover then??? And if you work two jobs and work more than the Mandated maximum your nursing license can be suspended...or even taken away!!!! Where will the nursing staff be then??? I bet *THEY* will changing their tunes soon...*THEY* even tried to make all nurses exempt from over-time benifits because we are "supervisory" if we even "change" nurse one time...ever....ever....

Well, the staffing pool is getting empty...all the fish are going to the California waters where they get better pay...and caps on their patient ratio's.

This minnow has swam yet, but it is enticing.


Labor Nurse said...

I wasn't aware that Texas was also trying to pass RN staff to patient ratios. But the states who have (California and Massachusetts, I believe) these laws have even more opposition and therefore the law gets held up, etc etc, or it's changed so that their are loop holes for administration.

But it will be nice to see what they do.

GingerJar said...

Yes ut wukk be interesting. Texas is trying to limit hours and consecutive shifts also. That won't go over so well with the nurses from the Island.